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Caring About Your Business And Your Valuable Staff

Want to improve the engagement of your staff?

A recent survey uncovered that UK employers are struggling to keep up with employee demand for financial wellness support1.
This is particularly poignant in light of the OECD issuing a warning over increasing household debt and against a backdrop of stagnant wage growth and escalating inflation.


What Do Employees Want?

Employees are looking to their employers for support in achieving their personal financial goals.

Over 40% of employees would appreciate greater employer support towards saving for a holiday and buying a house, yet just 12% and 4% respectively feel that they are supported by their organisations to reach these goals.

It’s then not surprising to see that only 10% of UK employers currently have a financial wellness strategy in place.

While almost all employers offer pensions plans and life assurance, very few offer the kind of support that can improve employees’ current financial situations.

Are you one of the 10%?

Choose Ablestoke to work with you to develop a financial wellness strategy for your staff

42% of employers expressed concern over the risk of getting too involved in employees affairs1


of employee respondents who are approaching retirement in the next 10 years plan to use their workplace pension for their retirement income, according to research by Age Partnership.


of employers are unsure about how much financial support, beyond madatory salary and pensions, they should provide1


of respondents are concerned about the costs of elderly care and the lack of funding for this1


of employers are worried about the cost of scheme implementation1

Keeping Your People Happy

It’s what we do!
Ablestoke are not only able to provide this support to your employees but it won’t cost you, the employer, anything.

Ablestoke can review your workplace pension and discuss with your staff.

Engaging Employees

Because Ablestoke has provided you as an employer with at least one employee benefit, we are able to automatically offer your staff and their immediate entry into our membership club.

Membership will entitle them to:

Access to our Helpline for all personal financial matters for concerns, problems and questions
Access to any of our financial planners
A free consultation and Personal Review and Financial Plan every year
Discounts on Personal Financial services.

Our Objectives

For Your Business:

Protect your business
Protect your key staff from illness or death
Review your workplace pension

For Your Staff:

Plan with your staff their retirement goals
Provide Loan Protection services
Offer a Mortgage Planning services

Use Ablestoke To Motivate And Engage With Your Employees

Based in the Euston Tower, the Ablestoke Group is a team of like-minded people determined to create an opportunity for their clients, employers and their employees. With young, bright and highly qualified advisers, the Group can deliver the best in financial planning services for all clients.

Trusts, tax and estate planning are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Auto enrolment is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

1 Source: research – Dec 2017

A recommendation from our accountants, Ablestoke have been involved in advising our individual directors with regards to their pension needs. It has been a pleasure working with them. We have been more than happy with the service and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Martin Brudnizki - Owner
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