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    You could be losing £'000s from your pension unnecessarily...

    • Are you paying higher charges than you need to?
    • Are you missing out on good fund performance?
    • Are you taking greater risk with your money than you realise?

    Speak to Ablestoke financial advisers today to see if we can get you lower charges or a greater return on your Pension.

    Reducing your costs & charges

    You can achieve a cost-effective result by amalgamating your assets into one place.

    Choosing the right funds

    We ensure you are spreading your investments across different types of asset classes such as equities, bonds and alternative asset classes in either active, passive, or blended funds.

    Your capacity to take risk

    Choosing investments that are in line with your attitude to risk, and capacity for loss, is essential to find a suitable investment strategy for you.

    Protecting your money

    Our advisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

    Veronica Deasy

    I was an old girl coming up towards retirement age and I was very nervous and concerned about the financial aspect of life... I became increasingly insecure and that was my main reason initially to come to Ablestoke

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    Our adviser is always there

    No matter what it is that we need, whether it's a quick question or something needs to be changed or we need to look at a new policy.

    Christian Halstead, London
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