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Auto Enrolment

The Government introduced workplace pension legislation to ensure more individuals save for their retirement.

The Government introduced workplace pension legislation, commonly termed ‘auto enrolment’ in 2012 to ensure more individuals save for their retirement. This puts the onus and mandatory duties on every employer in the UK.

Whilst the legislation and language used since launch has evolved, so have mandatory minimum contributions hence its very important every employer or soon-to-be-employer understands it. Ablestoke are here to help employers and employees make sense of Auto enrolment so everyone understands whats in it for them. This information below and the downloadable guide tells you more about auto-enrolment, your duties as an Employer, and what they mean for you. Like all legislation this is subject to change.


Every employer in the UK must put certain staff into a workplace pension scheme and contribute towards it. This is called ‘automatic enrolment’. Whether you’re an architect, a newsagent, have a personal care assistant or a nanny, you are an employer from the day your first member of staff starts working for you. You have automatic enrolment duties from this date.

If you are in any doubt about your duties, please contact us to chat through your situation with our experts at Ablestoke.

Duties Start Date

The date your first member of staff starts working for you. Your legal duties begin on this date. If you put your staff into your pension scheme on this date, you need to start paying contributions into it from the next payday after this date.

Declaration of Compliance Deadline?

The date by which you must tell the Pensions Regulator how you have met your legal duties for automatic enrolment.

You must do this by completing an online form known as your declaration of compliance.

They will write to you to tell you your deadline.

This is a legal duty and you must do this by your deadline even if you don’t have any staff to put into a pension scheme. If you don’t do this, you may face enforcement action including fines.


You will need to provide a pension scheme and pay contributions into it if anyone who works for you on your duties start date is:

  • aged between 22 and up to state pension age
  • and earns more than £833 per month (£192 per week)

Choose a pension scheme
Do this as soon as you can to be ready for your duties start date.

Work out which of your staff need to be put into a pension scheme
Do this on your duties start date.

Write to your staff
Do this within six weeks after your duties start date.

Declare your compliance
This should be done within five months after your duties start date.

If you are in any doubt about the above, please contact our experts here at Ablestoke.


This really does depend on your circumstances as an employer plus other factors e.g. the earnings of your staff, the historical performance of the various workplace pension schemes since launch, whether you are in a competitive marketplace etc.
Contact our experts at Ablestoke to discuss so we can provide all the information you need to make the right decision.


Your circumstances will dictate the right approach for you; either at start up or further down the line.

Why not contact us to talk through your situation and what you’d like to achieve for your staff. Plus of course how best to meet the needs of the legislation.

Ablestoke can also discuss other employee benefits available to your staff to provide a more rounded solution than merely just complying with mandatory workplace pension requirements.


By working closely with you and understanding your workforce and your needs we can help you:

  • Deliver a communications plan for your workforce
  • Assess your workforce and estimate costs for you as the employer
  • Assess and report on your payroll system and offer solutions for the complex administration exercises necessary to comply with auto-enrolment
  • Select the right pension scheme for you and your workers
  • Arrange employee presentations to enable your workforce to understand what will happen and when
  • Arrange for a face-to-face appointment with employees and give individual advice

Managing your finances effectively can be a confusing business. The financial world is complex, and making the right decisions for your future can seem a daunting prospect.

We take pride in offering a personal service that considers your individual circumstances. Your financial situation is unique, so we work hard to understand your goals and aspirations, and make financial recommendations based on a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your needs.


  • Saving and investing for the future
  • Planning for your retirement
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Protection against risk.

When it comes to auto-enrolment, many employers have already benefited from dealing with a qualified and authorised adviser, to help them meet their legal obligations in this complex area.

We look forward to helping you

Auto Enrolment Download

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate Auto Enrolment.