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Property Wealth

Property Wealth

The biggest problem with arranging any type of finance is time - this is not only the time taken to approach the lenders who are active in the market where you need help, but the time communicating and clarifying your circumstances as you progress through the application process.

You also need time to assess which product is most suited for your needs.

For example, what are the arrangement fees, redemption fees, legal fees, survey fees, overpayment options, payment holiday options, repayment methods available, duration periods of the loan, and the lender’s ability to accommodate the way that your income is currently earned and calculated?

Then, once you are in the house, how do you ensure that you protect it from being taken away from you in case of fire, theft, accidental damage, or you losing the ability to earn income to pay the debt?

Our Solutions

The foundation of our mortgage advice is built on impartial expertise.

We provide a whole of market mortgage review service.

The service doesn’t end at the recommendation – once the right mortgage has been found for you, we administer the whole application, liaising with your solicitors, accountants, and even the estate agent. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

There is also access to a wide variety of insurance providers to protect your house and contents in the event of fire, accident, or theft, and protect you in case you lose the ability to earn and pay the mortgage.

Decisions by Lenders

The decision by a lender as to whether they will lend to you, and if so how much and over what term is based on a variety of factors.

These include:
- The property – type, condition, access and location
- Employment status – amount and frequency of income (and time in your current role)
- Financial commitments – current and future (and your history of managing credit).

We save you time by researching the market and only approaching the providers most suited to you, so as to not waste time or create unnecessary credit checks.

Our role is to help

  • Ensure your money is not being wasted by paying more than you need to for your borrowings
  • Save time by choosing the most cost effective method of arranging finance
  • Retain your home and assets in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. illness or accident)
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