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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

No matter what your circumstances or the age that you are, ensuring your money works as hard as possible for you is key - whether you are looking for growth, income, or both from your money, there are a multitude of products in the marketplace on offer.

Selecting the best one for your circumstances is not easy, and consideration needs to include taxation, access, charges, and the term of the plan, among many other criteria. Then, there is the question of what should you invest in? Shares, cash, property, fixed interest stock?

Life is busier than ever and it can be a full time job not only researching this for today, but also making sure that any plans you select remain fit for purpose, and are balanced in line with your other assets, and your attitude towards taking risk.

It is also common for our clients to have a variety of savings and pension pots that have been acquired over their life. They are often of various sizes and have not had the benefit of a review to ensure that they are still fit for your purpose.

Our Solutions

Managing Wealth for Income and Cash when you want it. We look at your overall situation first – whether you have a variety of cash accounts, investments, savings plans, pension funds, personal funds, company funds, and trustee funds as part of your existing assets, we will look to balance your portfolio to suit your needs in the short, medium and long term.

We do this by establishing how your existing provisions are helping you achieve your objectives of income and / or growth. We will also take the right amount of time with you to determine your attitudes and feelings towards risk, return and volatility.

Our role is to help

  • Ensure you do not lose out on receiving any money back that you are due (e.g. tax relief)
  • Make sure you do not ‘miss the boat’ on any time sensitive allowances that are only available each tax year, and once gone are gone forever (e.g. utilising your ISA allowance)
  • Ensure you don’t pay unnecessary tax when you actually come to spend and enjoy your money (e.g. making sure it is in the right tax wrapper and in the right name)
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