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WEEK ENDING 16 AUGUST 2018 The $1trn US boardroom spending spree By the end of the first quarter, US companies had spent a record $756bn buying their own shares on the way to what could be the first ever $1trn year for buybacks. Musk arouses strong reactions Tesla,...
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WEEK ENDING 13 JULY 2018 Automakers: All roads lead to China With almost 1,800% growth in the last 20 years, China’s new car market has become the promised land for today’s car makers. Has Swiss mining giant dug a hole for itself? Swiss natural resources...
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WEEK ENDING 06 JULY 2018 Tipping the scale Since the start of 2018, the ubiquitous ‘FAANGs’ have been worth more than the whole of the FTSE 100 Index combined. Amazon causes heartburn in the healthcare sector The recent news that Amazon had gazumped Walmart by paying...
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Our monthly economic review is intended to provide background to recent developments in investment markets as well as to give an indication of how some key issues could impact in the future. It is not intended that individual investment decisions should be taken based...
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WEEK ENDING 29 JUNE 2018 Trump’s War The casualties of ‘friendly fire’ are mounting. Retailers pushed to the cliff’s edge in US and UK Recent results from US retailers suggest that some are now developing ‘coping strategies’ to...
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ablestoke gave me a
confidence going forward
I actually have an optimism and hope, that
actually there is life after work and life
after retirement.
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