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Business Will Status

As a business owner you’ll be used to minimising risk in your business.

* By ‘share’ we mean the interest of a partner, member or shareholder.

When you’ve worked hard building up your business, you want to know that it will be in the right hands when you’re no longer around.

But have you considered your current circumstances? If a co-owner died or suffered a serious illness would the control of your business be under threat?

Would you and your co-owners have the money to buy their share of the business? If you died, would your family receive a fair price or any price at all for your share of the business?

Much like a personal will, you can ensure your wishes are carried out by writing down what you want to happen after your death in a business will. You can help ensure your fellow business owners stay in control and that your family receives a fair cash sum.

Who will Inherit your Business Download

The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate wills.