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Investment Platforms – The Costs

You can achieve a cost-effective result by amalgamating your assets into one fund.

You will agree with your adviser at outset how you will pay for the services you receive.

The fees you pay your platform provider and fund managers will typically take the form of a percentage of your total platform assets, often on a sliding scale so the larger your assets the lower the percentage fee. Here lies one of the advantages of a platform: instead of having several smaller funds each incurring charges, by amalgamating them into one large fund you can achieve savings by paying lower fees.

When you invest in a platform you will incur charges from three service providers:

  • Your financial adviser, who helps you invest your money by offering professional advice and recommendations
  • Your platform provider, who provides the technology and administers the platform
  • Your fund managers, who provide and administer the funds in which you invest your savings.
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