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Which Approach Would Suit Me Best?

See some of the key differences that you should consider when thinking about using a platform.


You could benefit from a platform if:
  • You have more than one financial product or 'tax wrapper'
  • You don't like receiving lots of paperwork and statements
  • You tend to have a longer-term plan and relationship with your adviser and expect to add further investments in the future
  • You want your adviser to provide advice on all of your investments
  • You would enjoy having the ability to view your investments online
  • You would feel more comfortable having all your money in one place.


You could benefit from holding individual products if:
  • You may only need a single product and don't expect to have more
  • You are unconcerned about receiving paperwork or having to log onto different provider websites with multiple passwords
  • You may only want to buy a product and not have an ongoing relationship with an adviser
  • You want to take advantage of a particular special offer or special feature that meets your particular needs
  • You like the idea of having different products with different providers
  • You are not comfortable having all your investments in the same place.
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