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Financial Partners For Life

You do not have to choose an ongoing service with us, although we believe you should check your plans regularly

What will the service provide?

There are 3 key elements:
  • Keeping you informed:We will only send you information which we feel is useful to you
  • Valuation milestone:A milestone check ensures your plans are still on track to achieve your goals
  • Personal safety net:This ensures that your income and assets are not affected by changes in taxation or legislation.

You decide the level of service you need and how often you need it. We will confirm this to you in writing, explain the fees involved and how and when you need to pay them.

Most of our clients like to check the progress of their plans once a year to make sure they’re still on track to meet their goals.

Having a regular planning meeting means you don’t miss out on any of your allowances and you find out if you are affected by any changes in legislation or taxation.

We deliver this part via your next financial planning meeting, in the format that suits your lifestyle the best, such as face-to-face, by phone or using screen share technology.

We will confirm your options in our Terms of Business and Authority to Proceed documents.

Our Ongoing Services Download

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